Free BYOB!

Bring your favourite bottle of wine to your meal.  No corkage charge!


We use the best 100% Aribica coffee to bring you a wide range of excellent coffees.


Espresso €2.00

A shot of very strong coffee, robust and full flavoured.


Double Espresso €2.50

Twice as nice! Double the strength and double the volume.


Espresso Macchiato €2. 20

An espresso with a dash of frothy milk.


Cappuccino €2.60

A strong espresso shot combined with smooth textured milk and sprinkled milk chocolate.


Café latte €2.60

Italian for ‘coffee and milk’. Frothy milk gently folded into a full bodied espresso.


Café mocha €2.80

A tall glass with combination of espresso, chocolate and steamed milk.


Americano €2.40

The richness of an espresso mellowed with hot water.


Vanilla Latte €3.10

Latte kissed with hint of vanilla


Hot chocolate €2.70

A cup of real hot chocolate.


Pot of tea €2.20

Traditional tea or selection of herbal teas.


Soft minerals €2.30

7up, orange, Coke and Diet Coke.


Mineral water €2.50

Still or sparkling, 500 ml.


Orange juice €2.40


Apple juice €2.40


Glass of milk €2.00