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Home made garlic bread €2.50

Crostini  €3.10

Toasted home made bread with tomatoes and mozzerella cheese

Garlic Mushrooms €3.95

Mixed Salad €3.20

French Fries (Large) €1.90

Spicy Chicken Wings €4.95



(12″ Freshly Stone-baked)

1. Margherita €7.95

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese and oregano

2. Pizza al Funghi €8.50

Tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms

3. Pizza Vegetariana €9.00

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, sweetcorn, pineapple and olives

4. Pizza Hawaiian €9.30

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ham, sweetcorn, pineapple

5. Pizza Isabella €9.10

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms

6. Pizza Roma €9.50

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, chicken and ham

7. Pizza de Chef €9.70

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, ham and pepperoni

8. Pizza Napolitana €9.00

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, anchovies, black olives

9. Pizza Calzone €9.50

Folded over with cheese, ham, mushrooms and onions, topped with pizza sauce

10. Pizza Marinara €10.00

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, mixed sea food

11. Pizza Tuna €10.95

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, tuna, red onion

12. Pizza La Trattoria €10.20

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, peppers, mushrooms, chicken and Feta cheese

13. Pizza Bolognes €9.95

Bolognese sauce, Mozzarella cheese

14. Pizza Salmoni €11.95

Cream sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon

15. Pizza Pepperoni €9.95

Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Pepperoni



12. Penne Primavera €9.40

Penne pasta with mixed vegetables in tomato sauce and herbs

12. Penne Pollo e Funghi €11.95

Penne pasta with chicken and mushroom

13. Spaghetti Bolognese €9.00

Spaghetti with ragu of beef, tomatoes, herbs and garlic

13. Lasagna €10.95

Baked pasta layered with Bolognese and white sauce, topped with cheese

14. Spaghetti Napolitana €8.30

Spaghetti in tomato sauce with basil and garlic

15. Tagliatelle alla Pescatora €10.20

Tagliatelle with shrimps, mussels, baby clams, garlic and fresh herbs in a tomato sauce

16. Tagliatelle al Salmone affumicato €10.20

Tagliatella with pan-fried smoked salmon in a cream sauce

17. Tagliatelle alla carbonara €9.60

Tagliatelle with bacon, egg yolk, Parmesan cheese and cream

18. Penne all’arrabiata con pollo €10.50

Penne with chicken, peppers, onions, chili and fresh herbs in a tomato sauce with a dash of cream and pesto

19. Tagliatelle alla Cacciatore €10.80

Tagliatelle with julienne of chicken and bacon, onions, mushrooms, garlic and fresh herbs in tomato sauce

20. Pasta della Casa €11.80

Mixture of spinach and egg tagliatelle, strips of chicken, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, peppers, onions, herbs, garlic in tomato sauce and a dash of cream and pesto

21. Penne Pesto €10.80

Pesto, pinenuts and sun-dried tomatoes

21. Meal in a Sandwich €12.50

Pan-fried strips of chicken, steak and ham with onions, peppers, mushrooms, fresh tomato, lettuce and garlic mayonnaise served in our home-made pizza bread with a side salad and French fries



Minerals (cans) €1.00